Welcome. My name is Harrison Koch. I am a professional photographer based in Tucson, AZ. I have been doing professional real estate photography for about 9 years now. I got started taking photos of granite counter tops for a web design client of mine. They came out nice and so I kept taking more. I later took a part-time job as an assistant to several real estate professionals in Tucson, and I started to photograph their listings. As I became a better, more skilled photographer I began to take photos for my mom’s home staging business, Foothills Design. Before I knew it, I was doing professional real estate photography full-time! It is a huge passion of mine, and something I have been eagerly pursuing since I first got my feet wet! Not only do I love to photograph real estate, but wildlife, scenery and more! So take a look around my site and see what you might discover then give me a call at (520) 309-8658 to discuss your professional real estate photography needs! I look forward to hearing from you!