Home photography is my specialty. I have been doing home photography since early 2008. I love the art of home photography! It is an art that never gets easier, but always gets more interesting! Home photography pushes a photographer like myself to constantly get better, always improve and to never rest on their laurels. Why is home photography such a challenge? Competition! There are a lot of home photographers out there! Most of them don’t even know it! They’re you’re average REALTOR®! Most REALTORS® take photos of their own listings with either a smartphone or a point-and-shoot digital camera. Then there are the people like myself that market themselves as home photographers. Some of them are really good! Some of them are little more than amateurs, looking to make a couple extra bucks on the side of whatever it is that they do full time. One thing is for certain, however, home photography is an industry that is saturated!

So how does a really good home photographer make a living in such a crowd? Well, obviously great photography skills and a portfolio are a must. But beyond that, persistence and taking the hard times with the good! I’d be lying if I said that getting started as a professional real estate photographer was easy! It has been a long, hard road with a lot of ups and downs, but through it all I have come out as one of the premiere real estate photographers! I have all of that experince and persistence to thank for pushing my art of real estate photography to the next level!

Professional home photography service by Harrison Koch.

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