I specialize in photography for real estate. Since 2008 I have been working diligently to master my craft of photography–especially for real estate. Photography for real estate has it’s own unique set of challenges and obstacles that can make it a real adventure to master. While most photography is done with a pretty uniform amount of ambient lighting, photography for real estate is rather unique in that it’s subject matter is often both dark and bright simultaneously. Bright exteriors and darker interiors during the day and bright interiors and dark exteriors at night. It takes a very skilled photographer to mast the skills necessary to succeed as a real estate photographer–and the right equipment always helps! When I do photography for real estate, I use my own unique blend of camera techniques, lighting, composition, post-processing and production to give my photography a look and feel that is unique to me. I want my photography for real estate to stand out, so that my client’s listings get noticed. If a listing gets noticed, it is much more likely to garner a showing, and from there an offer. And at the end of the day, that is why I am paid to do photography for real estate: to generate interest, and by succession, offers.

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